The No Code Application Composition Platform for Asset-Intensive Industries

XMPro enables engineers and subject matter experts to build real-time applications that improve situational awareness, decision-making and process efficiency.

The company is headquartered out of Dallas, Texas and has regional offices in Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Digital twin

Our Story

Founded in 2009, XMPro has a proven track record of helping organizations in asset-intensive industries improve operational excellence, reduce risk and increase asset utilization. The company’s initial focus was on providing intelligent business process management (BPM) solutions for industry, and received the Gartner BPM Cool Vendor award in 2012.

In 2015, XMPro released its Data Stream Designer, which extended its BPM capabilities to help industrial companies rapidly gain insight from the massive amount of data available in Industrial IoT. XMPro also joined progressive and innovative companies from around the world as a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium.

In the years following, XMPro built out a comprehensive Event Intelligence Platform to help customers find and exploit critical business events in real-time.

XMPro has successfully deployed solutions in North America, UK & Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Africa.

A Brief History


XMPro was founded in late 2009 and got its start by focusing on BPM for structured and unstructured processes and human-to-human workflows.


We realized that in many scenarios the next step in the business process wasn’t always clear.

Knowledge workers needed more decision support along with best next action recommendations.


Gartner recognized our innovative approach to unstructured workflows and gave us a Cool Vendor award in 2012.


We gained 2 Fortune 10 customers, one of which was an Oil & Gas Super Major. This customer wanted workflows to be started by real-time data on equipment, not by people.

This was different to other system-based triggers in traditional BPM, since you potentially had millions of real-time data points per second for IoT and OT systems.

We initially tried to build this solution in our iBPMS system, but the architecture was not designed for the volume and velocity of streaming real-time data. We needed a solution built on an event-driven architecture.


So we built a visual user interface to build streaming data “workflows” and we called it the XMPRO Data Stream Designer. It used a pluggable architecture so we could easily add new connectors to our connector library for industrial OT systems and business systems like ERP and EAM.


We realized that our customers needed real-time Operations Intelligence with supporting actions and workflows to compete in the new digital age we were entering into.

Our focus also narrowed to industrial customers, where we could leverage our team’s engineering expertise to help them solve high-impact problems.


Getting real-time data from a variety of systems was easier than ever with our Data Stream Designer. But when we tried to do simple event visualization in BI tools we realized that they were built more for historical analysis and not real-time updates with events.

We created the XMPRO App Designer, which is a no-code application development platform that enables you to build 3 types of apps:

Eventboards – dashboards with real-time event visualizations
Data Apps – form-based apps that allow users to interact with and update systems in real-time
Workflow apps for new business processes based on real-time Event Intelligence


As more of our customers built applications with the XMPRO App Designer, we learned that not all users needed fully featured iBPMS workflows with routing and approvals.

We created XMPRO Recommendations, which are rules-based alerts with recommended actions (based on captured expert knowledge).

They also enabled users to check that recommendations were being acted on and that the actions were effective.


Together with our partners and customers, we’re building increasingly sophisticated Event Intelligence Apps.

We’ve started using AI bots to analyze recommendations to provide best next actions.
You can now also embed real-time gaming engine visualizations in your apps for digital twins.


XMPro’s CEO, Pieter van Schalkwyk, published his first book on the topic of Building Industrial Digital Twins.

The company was also named a Sample Vendor for Digital Twins in multiple reports by Gartner.


XMPro became the Regional Branch Organizer for the Digital Twin Consortium across Australia and New Zealand and held its first in-person event in Perth.

We also forged strong partnerships with organisations like WEIR Minerals, Bosch and Dell.


In 2023, XMPro made a groundbreaking advancement in its Intelligent Digital Twin Suite (iDTS) by seamlessly integrating robust AI capabilities. This strategic move marked a transformative era in digital twin technology, significantly elevating the suite’s functionality and impact.

Key Enhancements and Impacts:

  • Embedded AI: The integration of AI into XMPro Data Streams revolutionized operational digital twins. This enhancement brought real-time analytics and AI-driven business processes to the forefront, enabling more dynamic and intelligent operations.

  • Innovation AI: With the introduction of XMPro Notebooks, the suite fostered an environment ripe for continuous innovation. These notebooks allowed for real-time simulations and visualizations, facilitating collaborative and smarter decision-making processes.

  • Augmented AI: The suite’s augmented AI capabilities significantly bolstered decision support within digital twins. By integrating real-time data with generative AI, XMPro iDTS provided more actionable insights, driving efficiency and effectiveness in various applications.

This integration of AI into XMPro’s iDTS not only exemplified technological innovation but also set a new standard in the realm of digital twin solutions.

Open letter From CEO: XMPRo AI