XMPro CEO Receives Industrial Internet Consortium Technical Innovation Award

We are excited to announce that XMPro’s CEO, Pieter van Schalkwyk, has been awarded the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) Technical Innovation Award.

This award recognizes the individual who made the largest contribution in the area of Technical Innovation to advance the development of the IIC.

Over the past year, Pieter has contributed to a wide range of technical groups in the IIC. Most notably, he has served as co-chair of both the Digital Twin Interoperability and Industrial Distributed Ledger Task Groups.

Pieter also published well-received articles in the peer-reviewed IIC Journal of Innovation on the topics of Causal Analytics and How to Turn IoT Technology into Operational Capability.

“I’m honored to be recognized by my peers at the Industrial Internet Consortium and to represent XMPro among the prestigious list of previous recipients from companies like Bosch SI, Intel and GE,” commented van Schalkwyk.