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To stay competitive and maximize opportunities in the new digital world, companies in asset-intensive industries need to respond to critical events in real-time. XMPRO’s platform enables subject matter experts, like engineers, to build sophisticated apps in days.

Whether you’re creating digital twins, event intelligence applications or digital business processes, with XMPRO, you can combine disruptive technologies into apps that help your team make better decisions.

Digital twin

Our no-code platform gives SME’s the digital tools they need to solve challenges at scale with real-time applications. And when this is applied across the various assets and processes at your company, it creates an advantage that will be hard for competitors to catch up to.

Here are a few examples of the types of real-time apps you can build with XMPRO:

Event Intelligence Applications

Every day, your company is exposed to more and more events that need to be responded to in real-time. Business event data is often time-sensitive, meaning that it’s business value rapidly diminishes with time. Your team needs to know about and respond to these events while they still can.

Event Intelligence (EI) applications identify critical events in your real-time data, apply analytics like predictive algorithms, and provide decision-makers with recommended actions. They also close the feedback loop and analyze the effectiveness of the response.

Download Event Intelligence Reference Model

Digital Twins

A Digital Twin is a unique instance of a digital model that represents an entity like an asset or a plant. That entity needs to be monitorable, meaning you need to be able to get data from it in real-time.

Data in a digital twin usually doesn’t come from a single source. With XMPRO, you can integrate your heterogeneous system without having to code. This enables you to build digital twins that use time-series data, analytical models, 3D models and engineering models to provide your team with real-time decision support.

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Event Intelligence Applications

The world is rapidly becoming more digital, but many organizations still rely on paper-based or request-driven processes to run their day-to-day operations. To adapt to this changing environment, you need to leverage new technologies and real-time data to transform your business processes.

XMPRO provides the “plumbing and glue” for Digital Transformation. It means that you can focus on creating intelligent digital processes that focus on the business outcomes of digital transformation rather than wiring a technology stack together. This will enable you to rapidly create new products and services and leverage automation to improve profitability.

Download Event Intelligence Reference Model

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