Trigger Prescriptive Recommendations When Critical Events Happen

XMPRO Recommendations are advanced event alerts that combine alerts, actions, and monitoring. You can create recommendations based on business rules and AI logic to recommend the best next actions to take when a certain event happens. You can also monitor the actions against the outcomes they create to continuously improve your decision-making.

Create Recommendations with a Visual Rule Builder

Empower your expert operators, foremen and maintenance planners to create recommendations that codify their expertise. Our visual rule builder makes it easy for business users to create and maintain recommendations without any coding knowledge. Users can set up thresholds to trigger specific recommendations when an important event occurs.

Give Your Team Real-Time Decision Support

When an event happens that triggers a recommendation, your team will see a new recommendation appear on their XMPRO eventboard. When they drill down, they’ll see:

Custom instructions created by your most knowledgeable team members

Resources to help them respond effectively, like equipment specifications and video links

A comment section to collaborate with colleagues, ask questions and share their expertise

Data from other business systems, like open work orders in your ERP or EAM system

Actively Monitor Actions and Their Outcomes

We understand that you don’t just need more alerts. You need the tools to close the loop and ensure your team is responding to critical events before the opportunity expires.

With XMPRO, you can see the status of all current recommendations and identify bottlenecks before it’s too late. You can also monitor the actions your team performed against the outcomes they created to improve future decision-making.

Manage Your Recommendations from Anywhere

Whether your team works underground or out in the field, they can use XMPRO’s mobile app to get access to the real-time decision support they need to respond to issues like equipment failure, supply chain bottlenecks and safety incidents.

Available for iOS and Android devices.

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See Event Intelligence in Action

Learn how XMPRO can help you detect and respond to critical events in real-time without having to look at data in twenty different systems.

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