Use Case Workshop

This one-day workshop will help your team identify promising use cases and outline a high-impact Event Intelligence pilot project.

  • Understand where Event Intelligence can have a significant impact on your operations
  • Learn and apply a systematic process for identifying, evaluating and prioritizing use cases
  • Identify actionable next steps to get started with a pilot project and achieve fast time to value
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Pilot Program

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Once you’ve decided which business problem you want to solve with XMPro, it’s time to implement a pilot project using our proven three-phase methodology.

In our experience, close collaboration between the customer and XMPro for the initial pilot is the best way to set the relationship up for success.

Pilot engagements typically start with simple prototypes and then mature into using more advanced AI and Machine Learning.

Skills & Knowledge Transfer

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Our goal is to empower your subject matter experts (SME’s) to build applications using the XMPro platform and scale your digital transformation efforts, without expensive consulting fees.

We create a skills transfer plan where we reduce the level of collaboration with XMPro, until your subject matter experts and IT team are self-sufficient on the platform.

Through our video documentation and hands-on support, we will teach your SME’s to:

  • Evaluate potential use cases
  • Design data streams
  • Build real-time visualizations
  • Create rule-based recommendations

We will also make our Connector Framework available to your IT team, enabling them to develop new integrations to new systems.

By the end of the knowledge transfer process, your team will have the full capabilities to create applications on the XMPro platform.


Ongoing Support

As an XMPro customer, you will receive ongoing support through our online support portal, and you’ll have access to our detailed documentation site.

We also understand that you might not have the time or capacity available internally to build Event Intelligence Applications or XMPro Connectors.

To assist with this, we offer solution architecture, integration and consulting services to customers that need it.

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Data Science Service

Whether you want to improve an existing business process, create a new product or launch a new business model, our data science service can help you get ahead in this new era of digital business.

Work with us to develop bespoke AI models to use in your XMPRO Data Streams and Event Intelligence Apps for use cases like:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Risk analysis

Let our team of expert data scientists help you scale AI across your organization.

Data Science Services
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