Visually Orchestrate The Flow of Data


XMPRO’s Data Stream Designer lets you visually design the data flow and orchestration for your real-time applications. Our drag & drop connectors make it easy to bring in real-time data from a variety of sources, add contextual data from systems like EAM, apply native and third-party analytics and initiate actions based on events in your data.


What is a Data Stream?

A Data Stream is the visual representation of a streaming data pipeline, created by a user in the XMPro Data Stream Designer. A Data Stream is composed through the sequencing of a collection of integration and service agents such as Listeners, Context Providers, Transformations, Functions, AI & ML services, and Action Agents. Each Data Stream is typically constructed around a business use case by a business user (SME).

Think of a data stream as a pattern that gets reused (almost like a data workflow). If you need to send data from 2000 slurry pumps to an XMPRO app, you only need one data stream, since they all use the same pattern.

With XMPRO’s growing library of reusable integrations, you don’t need to be a programmer to connect to your OT and IT systems. Simply drag and drop a connector onto the canvas, configure the properties, map the data flow and run your application (all without having to code).

Real-world data isn’t perfect. It needs to be cleaned and transformed before you can use it. The Data Stream Designer makes it easy to add data wrangling steps into your data stream, like replacing missing values and converting data into different types.

You can use a range of analytics functions to add intelligence to your XMPRO data streams. Run algorithms for fast fourier transformations, anomaly detection and custom R scripts on your real-time data. Or use advanced machine learning algorithms to add predictive capability to your apps.

Use Real-Time Data In Your XMPRO Apps

XMPRO Data Streams enable you to get access to the data you need to run your operations in real-time. You can use the output from your Data Streams to populate your Event Intelligence apps in the XMPRO App Designer.

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