XMPro’s Model-Based Condition Monitoring Approach

Combine the best of Physics with the best of AI for the best condition monitoring from an Intelligent Digital Twin​

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Getting Started: XMPro’s 3-Step Process To Success:

Our Unique 3 Step Process to Prioritize, Predict, and Propel at Scale​

XMPro’s 3-step process in model-based condition monitoring uniquely combines continuous ‘bad actor’ analysis, a hybrid of traditional and AI models for real-time monitoring, and provides ready-to-use blueprints for quick implementation. This structured and tech-enhanced approach, along with accelerated deployment, sets it apart in the predictive maintenance market.

Step 1. Prioritize Bad Actors First

Start your condition monitoring journey by focusing on the most critical elements. XMPro’s Intelligent Digital Twins continually monitor operational assets, providing constant analysis. By identifying and focusing on these critical components, our solution generates practical recommendations, ensuring your condition monitoring efforts are precisely targeted for optimal outcomes.

Step2. Monitor in real-time with a hybrid model-based approach​

Experience the power of the XMPro hybrid model-based approach, seamlessly integrating traditional engineering principles with agile AI models. Our approach delivers real-time insights and facilitates proactive measures, safeguarding against potential failures and quality discrepancies.

Step 3. Quick Time to Value with Blueprints and templates​

Expedite your condition monitoring implementation with our ready-to-use blueprints and templates. XMPro offers a comprehensive array of starting blueprints for various asset classes, ensuring a smooth and effective onset to your condition monitoring endeavors.

XMPro, Your All-In-One Condition Monitoring Solution:

Real-World Application & Success Stories

XMPro Solutions

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What Happens When You Get This Right?


In order to maximize underground mining operations, the underground conveyor system, a frequent cause of unplanned downtime, needed to reduce its downtime by 30% as an initial target for a predictive maintenance solution


XMPro actively monitors 52 conveyors (spanning over 80+km) in real time, predicting fluid coupling and lagging failures with prescriptive recommendations.


Within five months, the solution identified a potential saving of 184 hours of borer downtime, equating to 44k product tonnes. Exceeding the target, the solution achieved over a 80% reduction in downtime for fluid coupling failures. It now monitors multiple asset types across several mines

Not Sure How To Get Started?

No matter where you are on your Condition Monitoring journey, the expert team at XMPro can help guide you every step of the way – We have helped clients successfully implement and deploy in only a matter of weeks!

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