XMPro App Designer

Build Real-Time Event Intelligence With Our Drag & Drop UI Builder.

Build Interactive Dashboards To Run Your Operations In Real-Time

Create Intelligent Digital Twins That Predict Outcomes 

Create A Common Operating Picture Of Your Operations.

The XMPro App Designer is a no code event intelligence application development platform. It enables Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to create and deploy real-time intelligent digital twins without programming. This means that SMEs can build apps in days or weeks without further overloading IT, enabling your organization to accelerate and scale your digital transformation.

Effortlessly Visualize Your Data & Action Predictive Response In Real-Time

Imagine a world where your digital twin is not just a passive repository of data but an active, always-on system that continuously monitors and interacts with the environment and assets.

Design Complex Pages with Drag & Drop

No-Code App Builder >> Drag & Drop UI For Digital Twins 

XMPRO’s visual page designer enables you to create custom page designs by dragging blocks from the toolbox onto your page, configuring their properties and connecting to your data sources, all without having to code. You can customize the styling for each block and save a group of blocks as a widget, which can then be reused across your apps.

XMPro App Designer includes a toolbox of 40 configurable blocks to use in your layouts, including blocks for:




Integrated >> Combine Real-Time & Static Data Sources

The XMPRO App Designer integrates real-time data from XMPRO Data Streams with other business, operational or 3rd party data sources. Each block in your page designs can be connected to a different data source, enabling you to build apps that provide your team with comprehensive decision support from multiple systems. After publishing your app, your pages will update with live data.

Scalable >> Scale Your Digital Transformation

Your subject matter experts understand the business problems they want to solve, and with XMPRO they don’t need to be developers or designers to create apps that provide real-time intelligence.

The XMPRO App Designer empowers SMEs to use their expert knowledge to build a portfolio of real-time event intelligence apps. These apps can then be deployed across different asset types, plants, operational areas and business units to scale your digital transformation without overloading your IT team.

AI-Powered >> Never Fly Solo With XMPro Co-Pilot

Step into an era where AI isn’t just smart—it’s personalized and secure with XMPro Co-Pilot. This isn’t just any AI tool; it’s your bespoke business ally, trained securely on your in-house data. Imagine encapsulating decades of your team’s expertise—like the invaluable insights from employees with 40+ years on the plant floor—into a powerful digital form. That’s what XMPro Co-Pilot does. It transforms your unique data and experience into a one-of-a-kind intellectual property, creating an unmatched resource for your business.

Use XMPro Blueprints for Quick Time To Value​

Easily import Blueprints, Accelerators and Patterns into your environment, providing a starting point for configuring your own solutions.

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How It Works

XMPro App Designer is an integral part of our Intelligent Digital Twin Suite, expertly crafted to facilitate the visual orchestration of your application workflows. It emphasizes on efficient integration and customization of application patterns, ensuring a streamlined and effective user experience.

Explore this demonstration to discover how XMPro App Designer can streamline application development and elevate the efficiency of real-time applications within your organization.


Use Case Examples

In the power utility sector, the use of an AI-based ‘heat-rate optimizer,’ which analyzes numerous data points in real-time and suggests performance enhancements, can overcome optimization challenges, potentially increasing efficiency by 1%, leading to substantial annual savings, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and more efficient use of workers’ time

AI-powered Digital Twins in manufacturing can streamline cycle times, automate defect detection, and enhance inspection success, while also lowering CO2 emissions by over 10%, reducing product testing time by 45% for cost savings, and nearly eliminating defects and false alarms, a significant improvement over the previous error rate from human inspections.

AI-powered Digital Twins used for predictive maintenance of underground conveyors have facilitated real-time failure anticipation and efficient scheduling of maintenance, leading to significantly reduced downtime and an additional 44,000 tons of ore mined in a potash mine over five months which equates to millions of dollars of additional revenue.

AI-powered Digital Twins are effectively used for real-time detection of pipe bursts in water distribution systems, where the system processes pressure and flow sensor data, predicts future values using artificial neural networks (ANN), and compares these with actual observations to gauge the probability of a failure event, thereby raising relevant alarms.

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