Integrate Any Platform with XMPro’s Technology-Agnostic Approach

Build flexible, composable solutions that connect your entire tech stack

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, the capacity for businesses to seamlessly integrate with a multitude of platforms and technologies is not just a competitive advantage—it’s a necessity. This is where XMPro’s commitment to technology agnosticism comes into play, ensuring that our solutions can adapt and thrive within any technological framework, be it cloud, on-premise, or hybrid systems.

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Data Stream Designer & Agent Library

Effortlessly integrate data from across your organization with XMPro’s Data Stream Designer. Our Agent Library provides a rich set of pre-built components that can connect to virtually any data source, including databases, historians, APIs, messaging queues, IoT devices, ERPs, EAMs, and more. With just a few clicks, you can create powerful data streams that break down data silos and enable real-time insights across IT, OT, and Engineering technology.

Application Designer & Connector Library

Use our Application Designer to seamlessly connect your XMPro solutions to your existing visualization applications and services. XMPro’s MetaBlocks make it easy to use the native rendering capabilities of 3D, CAD, GIS, and gaming engines such as Unity and Omniverse in digital twin applications. Combining our Connectors and MetaBlocks with Data Streams brings real-time insights from users’ favorite applications. It makes it simple to integrate XMPro with your existing tech stack.

Composable Architecture

Build solutions that are tailored to your unique needs with XMPro’s composable architecture. Our modular approach allows you to select and assemble the components you need to create the perfect functionality for your use case. As your requirements evolve, you can easily add, modify, or replace components, ensuring that your solutions remain flexible and adaptable over time. With XMPro, you have the power to compose solutions that fit your organization like a glove.

Universal Integration Capabilities

Connect Your IoT Data, AI, Analytics and Business Applications with XMPro

Most companies spend 50% of digital transformation project costs on integration. With XMPro’s growing library of 90+ pre-built connectors for enterprise, industrial and emerging technologies, you don’t have to.

XMPRO Integration for Azure
XMPRO Integration for Microsoft SQL
XMPRO Integration for OSISoft PI
XMPRO Integration for IBM Watson
XMPRO Integration for SAP
XMPRO Integration for OPC-UA


Fig 1: Example XMPro architecture in Azure

Fig 2: Example XMPro architecture in AWS

Fig 3: Example XMPro architecture in Windows On-Premise


Unlock the full potential of your enterprise technology with XMPro’s technology-agnostic approach. Our solutions deliver:


Adapt to your unique tech stack and evolving needs with ease. XMPro’s agnostic design allows you to leverage your existing investments while enabling you to adopt new technologies seamlessly.


Accelerate your time-to-value with pre-built agents and connectors. Our libraries enable you to rapidly develop and deploy solutions, so you can start realizing benefits faster.


Scale your solutions effortlessly as your business grows. XMPro’s modular architecture allows you to add or modify components as needed, ensuring that your solutions can keep pace with your expanding requirements.


Break down data silos and unify your fragmented IT landscape. XMPro enables you to connect disparate systems and data sources, creating a cohesive, integrated environment that drives better decision-making and operational efficiency.


Safeguard your technology investments with XMPro’s agnostic approach. By avoiding vendor lock-in and enabling easy adoption of new technologies, XMPro helps you build solutions that are ready for the future.


Empower your team to innovate and solve complex business challenges. XMPro’s technology-agnostic approach and composable architecture provide the flexibility and tools your team needs to rapidly experiment, prototype, and deliver innovative solutions that drive your business forward.

Case Studies

Mining Challenge:

In order to maximize underground mining operations, the underground conveyor system, a frequent cause of unplanned downtime, needed to reduce its downtime by 30% as an initial target for a predictive maintenance solution


XMPro actively monitors 52 conveyors (spanning over 80+km) in real time, predicting fluid coupling and lagging failures with prescriptive recommendations. Benefits: Within five months, the solution identified a potential saving of 184 hours of borer downtime, equating to 44k product tonnes. Exceeding the target, the solution achieved over a 80% reduction in downtime for fluid coupling failures. It now monitors multiple asset types across several mines

Construction Challenge:

Engineers are overwhelmed with unscored asset events from IoT telemetry, tribology tests, and OEM alarms, making it arduous to timely track, triage, and respond to critical events to avert equipment downtime across a large mobile asset fleet.


XMPro scores each event in real-time using Company’s proprietary triage scoring models. Engineers manage exceptions and address root causes Benefits: The implementation led to a 95% reduction in events requiring manual scoring before triage, and a 4X improvement in the Engineer-to-Asset ratio against industry standards. Consequently, reliability engineers can prioritize providing solutions to root causes.

OEM Machine Builder Challenge:

A multinational OEM and machine builder needed a digital solution to offer equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance services worldwide, utilizing subject matter experts in Remote Operations Centers as part of a servitization model


XMPro provided a Digital Twin-oriented Remote Operation Center platform, enabling OEM engineers to monitor and service global clients in real time. Benefits: XMPro’s iDTS provides a unified platform for OEM engineers and clients to collaboratively view and discuss specific asset and process events with potential operational impacts. This enables OEM engineers to offer remote, comprehensive support to their global clientele.

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