Reach Your Full Potential with Intelligent Operations

Unlock the full potential of your industrial processes with XMPro, a single integrated suite of cutting-edge real-time business process and intelligence tools. Our platform empowers your organization with real-time insights, recommendations, and automated actions, creating a Common Operating Picture that spans strategic, tactical, and operational levels

XMPro Empowers Industrial Leaders to Achieve Real Operational Results

XMPro is the platform for visionary companies at the forefront of digital transformation. Our cutting-edge solutions are trusted by industry leaders and embraced by field workers who experience firsthand the benefits of real-time data access, generative intelligence, and streamlined processes.

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Digital Process Optimization Starts With XMPro’s Pioneering Technology

Explore the Three Pillars of Excellence – Real Time, Real Intelligence, Real Process
Integrated into a Single Solution for the Next Generation of Industrial Operations.

Sense > Real Time

Gain complete operational visibility

7 trends in digital twin studies

Stay ahead of the curve by harnessing the power of live data and event streams.

  • Event Intelligence

  • Real-time Integration

  • Data & Event Streams

  • Digital Twins

How to connect and integrate

Decide > Real Intelligence

Enhance decision intelligence

Unlock valuable insights to drive continuous improvement and innovation.​

  • AI and Gen AI

  • Engineering Models

  • Intelligent Assets

  • Business Rules

Generative AI in action

Act > Real Process

Revolutionize your industrial workflow

Achieve new levels of efficiency, agility, and productivity. Explore new operating models

  • Prescriptive Recommendations

  • BPM and Workflow

  • Intelligent Agentic Automation

  • Simulation

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Typical Benefits 



XMPro’s real process capabilities revolutionize your industrial workflows by providing prescriptive recommendations, robust BPM, intelligent agentic automation, and powerful simulation tools. Achieve new levels of efficiency, agility, and productivity while exploring innovative operating models.


XMPro’s real intelligence capabilities enhance decision-making by leveraging AI, generative AI, advanced engineering models, intelligent assets, and dynamic business rules. Unlock valuable insights to drive continuous improvement and innovation across your organization.


XMPro’s real-time capabilities provide complete operational visibility by leveraging event intelligence, seamless integration, and digital twins. Stay ahead of the curve by harnessing the power of live data and event streams to gain instant insights and make informed decisions.

Discover Your XMPro Path – Solutions Tailored for Every Level of Excellence

Leadership Accelerators

Command with Clarity

Elevate Strategic Decisions with XMPro’s Digital Twin and GenAI

XMPro empowers CxOs, VPs, and strategic decision makers with real-time event intelligence that provides a Common Operating Picture.


Tactical Innovators

Refine the Mechanics of Success

Enhance Your Operational Mastery with XMPro’s Tactical Tools

XMPro equips senior managers, reliability engineers, and domain experts with tactical dashboards and digital twin models down to the asset and plant level.

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Data Guardians

Guard, Guide, and Govern

Secure Your Digital Frontier with XMPro’s Data Expertise

XMPro supports data scientists, data engineers, and IT professionals across strategic and operational levels to deliver value added services.


FEATURED CAPABILITY: XMPro GenAI For Intelligent Operations

Digital Twins

Use Generative AI to discover business requirements and integration points, design, build the Digital Twin, and assist in testing and training.

  • 50% Quicker To Define & Deploy 

  • Identifies Unanticipated Needs

  • Complete Development Lifecycle

Generative Intelligence
For Digital Twins

Use Generative AI for Copilots to augment guidance to users in search, advanced analysis, prescriptions, and innovation ideation, and decision-making

  • Interrogate Process Data & Insights

  • Make Data Explainable & Visual

  • Self-service Custom Analysis 

Multi-Agent Generative Systems for Digital Twins

Use Generative AI to power autonomous agents that can collaboratively work on goal-based tasks and actions within “Rules of Engagement”

  • Automate Repetitive Tasks

  • Collaborative Planning & Task Execution

  • Automate in Safe Operating Envelope


The Ultimate Guide to Digital Twins

We’ve published a 3000-word guide to help you understand exactly what a digital twin is and how you can use it to manage your operations in real-time. In the guide, you’ll learn:

  • The different types of digital twins
  • How to use AI & machine learning with digital twins
  • Blockchain & digital twins
  • How to design digital twin applications
Digital twin guide