Change from Reactive to Prescriptive Operations

Enable your engineers to compose an integrated Common Operating Picture that closes the loop on event response

Enable Subject Matter Experts To Build Advanced Apps Without Coding

Digital twin

Digital Twins

Build digital twins that use time-series data, analytical models, 3D models and engineering models to provide your team with real-time decision support.

Event Intelligence Apps

Identify critical events in your real-time data, apply analytics like predictive algorithms, and provide decision-makers with recommended actions.

Digital Business Processes

Rapidly create intelligent digital processes that enable new products and services. Leverage advanced automation to improve your profitability and remove bottlenecks.

Create a Real-Time Control Room for Your Operations

Build Real-Time Applications in 3 Simple Steps

Digital twin

Create Data Streams to integrate your data sources & orchestrate the data flow

Digital twin

Design visualizations for a real-time view of your operations

Digital twin

Create prescriptive recommendations that trigger when critical events happen

Who Uses XMPro Event Intelligence?


Digital twin

Operations Managers

Digital twin

Plant Engineers

Digital twin

IT Teams

Digital twin
Digital twin

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Twins

We’ve published a 3000-word guide to help you understand exactly what a digital twin is and how you can use it to manage your operations in real-time.

In the guide, you’ll learn:

  • The different types of digital twins
  • How to use AI & machine learning with digital twins
  • Blockchain & digital twins
  • How to design digital twin applications
Digital twin guide