Embed Interactive 3D Models in Your Digital Twin Applications

Enhance your remote condition monitoring and simulation applications with highly realistic 3D visualizations built on the Unity game engine. Whether you’re building a digital twin for a specific asset type or an entire plant, you can now virtually navigate and interact with its 3D model in real-time.

Embed 3D Models in Your Real-Time Apps

Simply drag and drop the unity model block onto the App Designer canvas, configure where the data comes from and see your 3D visualization come to life.

When building simulation digital twins in XMPRO, you can also input data to simulate specific conditions and get instant feedback from the changes to the 3D model.

Unity Game Engine
XMPRO 3D Unity Model

Update 3D Models in Real-Time Without Custom Code

XMPRO’s Data Stream Designer comes with a pre-built connector for Unity that enables you to continuously send real-time data to the 3D model.

This can be used to update the model when changes occur in the data, like making a pump appear red when it’s temperature goes above a certain threshold.

XMPRO 3D Unity Model

See Event Intelligence in Action

Learn how XMPRO can help you detect and respond to critical events in real-time without having to look at data in twenty different systems.

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