Empower Your Subject Matter Experts with Intelligent Integration

You don’t need to be a programmer or SQL expert to integrate your OT & IT systems with XMPro connectors. Just drag and drop them onto your canvas and configure your data flow. You can then visually configure the properties to set up your integrations without having to code.

Connect Your IoT Data, AI, Analytics and Business Applications with XMPro

Most companies spend 50% of digital transformation project costs on integration. With XMPro’s growing library of 90+ pre-built connectors for enterprise, industrial and emerging technologies, you don’t have to.

XMPRO Integration for Azure
XMPRO Integration for Microsoft SQL
XMPRO Integration for OSISoft PI
XMPRO Integration for IBM Watson
XMPRO Integration for SAP
XMPRO Integration for OPC-UA

Integrate To AI & Machine Learning

Unlock the value in your existing data science investments by embedding machine learning and AI into your real-time data streams. You can run predictive models natively on our platform or leverage our pre-built connectors for services like Azure ML, SAP HANA and IBM Watson.

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Create Your Own XMPro Connectors With Ease

Use XMPro’s pluggable Connector Framework to quickly build secure and robust integrations to connect your disparate systems. Once you’ve published a new connector, it becomes available as a reusable object in our drag & drop Data Stream Designer.

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See Event Intelligence in Action

Learn how XMPRO can help you detect and respond to critical events in real-time without having to look at data in twenty different systems.

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