Create Real-Time Event Intelligence Applications in Weeks

Tired of getting blindsided by events like critical equipment failure or safety incidents? With XMPro, you can build apps that give you a real-time view of your operations and help you respond faster than ever before.

Digital twin
Data Stream

Detect Critical Events In Real-Time

  • Integrate to heterogeneous business systems without disrupting your operations
  • Visually design real-time data streams to orchestrate the flow of data
  • Apply anomaly detection and machine learning to real-time data

Provide Decision Support From Multiple Data Sources

  • Create real-time visualisations using a drag and drop designer
  • Visually monitor where the bottlenecks are in your operations with live HMI views
  • Drill down into the data for a real-time view into asset health
Predictive Quality Dashboard
Prescriptive Recommendations

Respond To Events Faster

  • Initiate actions in your business systems based on real-time data
  • Get rule-based recommendations that trigger when events occur
  • Provide work instructions and resources on how to respond to the situation
  • Send notifications and mobile recommendations to users in the field

Scale Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

  • Subject matter experts can build event-driven applications without having to code
  • Your IT department can deploy new integrations within days using the XMPro Connector Framework
  • Your most experienced team members can set up rule-based recommendations to capture and codify their knowledge
Digital twin

Why Choose XMPro?

XMPro’s Event Intelligence Platform allows you to build production-ready solutions that combine event detection, advanced real-time analytics and prescriptive recommendations.

We’re committed to providing fast time to value. Your applications can start with simple prototypes and mature into more advanced AI and machine learning.