Thank you for your interest in XMPro. Here you’ll find all of our media and brand assets. If you have any questions or require a custom quote for an article, please send an email to [email protected].

XMPRO Digital twin

Blue Logo


Dark Background


Digital twin guide

Teal Logo



Blue Symbol



Teal Symbol


Logo Usage Guidelines


  • Our symbol and logo are bold and strong enough to be used individually, but generally speaking, our logo works best in our full version.
  • To maintain legibility, the XMPro logo should not be used at sizes below the prescribed minimum size.
    • Full logo: Print 10mm height | Digital 28px height
    • Symbol: Print 6mm width | Digital 28px width
  • We have defined clear zones around our logo to ensure the logo is protected and never crowded out by other elements. The minimum clear space around the logo is measured by the size of the letter O.
  • Our logo is flexible and can live on a light or a dark background.
  • Ensure that our logo colors are reproduced accurately and consistently.
  • Don’t distort our logotype in any way or apply any effects to it.
  • We don’t allow adding unauthorised words, phrases or other elements to our logo.
  • Don’t use backgrounds that interfere with the visibility of our logo.

Brand Colors

Digital twin

Dark Blue

HEX #003952

C:100 M:50 Y:35 K:30

Digital twin


HEX #009fde

C:75 M:10 Y:0 K:0

Digital twin


HEX #00a698

C:90 M:0 Y:30 K:0

Digital twin

Light Gray

HEX #aab3c3

C:10 M:3 Y:0 K:30

Digital twin

Light Blue

HEX #00d6ef

C:65 M:0 Y:0 K:0

Digital twin

Light Teal

HEX #73cec6

C:60 M:0 Y:15 K:0

At a Glance

CEO Bio Photo

Digital twin guide XMPro
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Team Photos

Digital twin
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