What are Composable Digital Twins?

Composable Digital Twins is an application development approach for Digital Twins that is based on an agile, composable enterprise architectural pattern.

Composable Digital Twins focus on faster time to value, service-based orchestration, and reusing packaged business capabilities to develop and adapt highly scalable industrial applications for complex systems​

The Future is Not What It Used To Be…

We come from three decades dominated by large scale monolithic technology support platforms such as complex ERPs and CRM. Their focused was on improving efficiencies in processes, by dictating how businesses should run. 

The challenge going forward is that these system are typically very rigid and don’t support the pace of change and the unprecedented levels of uncertainty accelerating over the past few years

Monolithic applications may have worked for the change in last 50 years, but it won’t support the agility, innovation and experimentation needed to remain competitive in the future.

The Future Requires Agility & Resilience

Every day your business is exposed to more and more internal and external events that need to be responded to in real-time.​ Composability is the key to proactive and effective response.

Compose on Demand

Ensuring resilience in uncertain times demands modular applications that can be recomposed on demand, but many vendor and enterprise applications remain monolithic, making change slow and expensive. The future requires adaptive, re-usable, and capability-based business applications.

Enable Cross-Functional Teams

To achieve resilience, business and technology innovation must be closely aligned. However, most technology teams lack the experience of close collaboration with business experts and develop technology-centric application designs, not well-suited for active business participation.

Progress from Monolithic Apps

Traditional solutions either isolate application data and analytics processes or tie them up in monolithic applications. Both models reduce business access to comprehensive actionable intelligence constraining fast, informed and contextualized decision making in the times of rapid change.

From Complex Problem to Scaleable Solution

The XMPro Digital Twin Composition Platform provides the tools to integrate, orchestrate, and package capabilities to create Composable Digital Twins at scale

How To Get Started

Digital Twins Capabilities Periodic Table

The Development of the Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic Table was pioneered by XMPro for the Digital Twin Consortium

Download From The Digital Twin Consortium

Identify the Capabilities that your Digital Twin application require

The Digital Twin Capabilities Periodic Table provides a consistent framework to identify the capabilities that can be grouped together to create Packaged Business Capabilities (PBCs) for Composable Digital Twins.

PBCs are modular combinations of technical capabilities that are presented as bundled services. These PBCs are orchestrated together through a Digital Twin application composition platform to deliver unique Digital Twin applications for specific use cases.

Use XMPro’s Composable Digital Twin Platform to compose adaptable solutions from these capabilities

DataStream Designer App Designer

Different Use Cases For The Same Asset Will Require a Different Set of Capabilities

Windfarm Monitoring Use Case

Windfarm Energy Prediction Use Case

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Twins

We’ve published a 3000-word guide to help you understand exactly what a digital twin is and how you can use it to manage your operations in real-time.

In the guide, you’ll learn:

  • The different types of digital twins
  • How to use AI & machine learning with digital twins
  • Blockchain & digital twins
  • How to design digital twin applications
Digital twin guide

Not Sure How To Get Started?

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