XMPro Workflow

Real-Time Workflow for the Digital Enterprise

XMPro Workflow helps organisations manage complex workflows where the path is not always known in advance and where failure means compliance risk, financial losses, and reputational threat.

Key Capabilities

Unstructured and Dynamic Workflows

Manage complex processes where the next actions aren’t known in advance.

Structured Workflows

Enforce structured workflow paths when strict governance and compliance are required.

Event-Driven Workflows

Initiate workflows based on real-time events in your business applications.

Mobile Workflows

Empower field workers to complete tasks from their mobile devices, even if they’re offline.

XMPro is a perfect fit for workflows that require
high-priced employees and consultants

These workflows typically fall into one of the following patterns:

Governance, Compliance, and Regulation

• Accounts payable.
• Anti-money laundering.
• Inspections and quality.

Complex Approvals

• Credit approvals.
• CapEx expenditure approvals.
• Financial approvals for employee trading.

Orchestration of Resources and Schedules

• Counter-party management.
• Customer and supplier onboarding.
• Enterprise process coordination.

Leverage digital workflows across your organisation

Operations and Finance

High quality low-touch outcomes


Frictionless HR and administration

Customers and Suppliers

Empower external stakeholders

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