XMPRO Joins Global Mining Guidelines Group To Accelerate Interoperability in Natural Resources

Dallas, TX, November 2, 2020 – XMPRO, a low-code application development platform provider for asset-intensive industries, today announced it has joined the Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG).

GMG is a global open platform initiative that brings together companies, OEMs, regulators and research organizations to foster innovation in the mining sector. Members collaborate on guidelines and best practices to provide the industry with guidance on implementing new technologies.

“We’re excited to join GMG and contribute to their initiatives to improve interoperability in the mining sector. We look forward to sharing the lessons we’ve learned from implementing real-time applications in heterogeneous technology environments. In addition to solving the technical challenges of interoperability, we are passionate about collaborating with the global community to further improve worker safety and contribute to the sector’s sustainability efforts,” commented Pieter van Schalkwyk, CEO of XMPRO.

“GMG is able to support global collaboration in the mining industry thanks to the knowledge and expertise shared by our members. Increasing safety, implementing new technologies, and advancing interoperability are major areas of priority for the industry, and are at the forefront of many of our ongoing projects. We’re excited to have XMPRO join our community, as well as the insight and expertise they bring to the table,” said Heather Ednie, Managing Director of the Global Mining Guidelines Group.

XMPRO’s Low-Code Application Development Platform enables engineers and subject matter experts to build and deploy real-time applications in weeks. The platform makes it easy to connect to a variety of data sources, apply real-time analytics and trigger rule-based prescriptive recommendations when specific events occur in your data. 

With XMPRO, SMEs can use their expert knowledge to build a portfolio of real-time apps to prevent asset downtime, reduce production losses and prevent safety incidents. These apps can be rapidly deployed across different asset types, plants, operational areas and business units to scale your digital transformation without overloading your IT team.