XMPRO Launches 2022 End-To-End Training Course

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We are pleased to announce that the 2022 XMPro End-to-End training course is now live on the XMPro Courses website.

This course will help to empower subject matter experts to compose scalable Digital Twin solutions without any code. 

This brand new comprehensive training tool will equip XMPro platform users to:

  • Create a Real-Time Common Operating Picture using Digital Twins
  • Effectively use the XMPro platform to Compose Scalable Digital Twins
  • Master Application and Data Stream Designer tools
  • Take your current apps to the next level

Course Details

  • 17 lessons
  • 7 hour duration

Our goal is to give you the skills to confidently design real-time apps that solve important business problems. And by combining cutting-edge digital skills with the XMPRO Application Development Platform, you’ll be equiped to transform your organization for the connected future.

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