Benefits Predictive Analytics

How To Reduce Operational Costs by 36% with Predictive Analytics

Tony Cosentino of Ventana Research, a leading research and benchmarking firm, recently published these comments on the results of study into the benefits of using predictive analytics in their business operations. “One of the key findings in our latest benchmark research into predictive analytics is that companies are incorporating predictive analytics into their operational systems [...]
Machine Learning Myths

6 Myths About Machine Learning

As the concepts of big data and operational automation have seen their profiles rise over the last years, so to has the concept of machine learning - the ability of automated systems to intelligently evaluate and manipulate data, and modify its own approach, based on the data and information that it encounters. Register for the [...]
Predictive Analytics Use Case

10 Predictive Analytics Use Cases By Industry

One of the truly great uses for any business operations tool set is the ability to generate predictive analytics, which enables businesses to identify potential events and opportunities, and either avoid or capitalize on them, as the case may be. Through the use of analytical tools, large amounts of data can be mined to identify [...]
Complex Event Processing

From Many, One – The Nature of Complex Event Processing

Initially, systems management software was used to detect singular events within a given system, by detecting log entries or event triggers located within a device or system or application or database. The management system would then detect an event within that subsystem, create an alert, and leave it to humans to diagnose the ultimate problem. […]

Operational Intelligence vs Business Intelligence

Does Operational Intelligence Make Business Intelligence Obsolete?

It doesn’t require a massive leap of faith to believe that business intelligence has become a mainstream tool for many, if not most, enterprises today. And it’s likewise not difficult to see why. Business intelligence (BI) is able to comb through massive amounts of data, interrogating that data to derive trends and key performance indicators (KPIs) […]

BPM Enterprise Architecture

Herding Cats: What Enterprise Architects need to know about Business Process Management

A Business Process, put simply, is a collection of activities toward a common business goal, usually with the end result being the completion of an objective that leads to increased revenue,  reduced costs, improved compliance and better customer service. A business process can be as simple as the process for collecting payments from customers and […]

Real Time KPI Dashboard

Understanding the Value of Real Time KPI Management as Your Next Strategic Project

It’s easy to get caught up in a given project. An executive sponsor, in response to a given business or competitive situation, tells the engineering team that a particular functionality or platform is a requirement, and needs to be in place as soon as possible. Almost overnight, a project plan is created, an architecture is […]

XMPro Sense > Decide > Act Time Value Chart

What is a “Business Moment” in your business?

(This article was first published on LinkedIn Posts) Leading research firm Gartner is talking about “Business Moments” as a key focus point for Digital Business and Operations. Gartner defines a “Business Moment” as a “transient opportunity, exploited dynamically”. So what does this mean? A transient opportunity means that it is only an opportunity for a […]

Sense > Decide > Act

How Important Are Processes To The Internet Of Things?

In my view the question should be focused on the business outcome: How important is it to sense key business events from machine-born data (devices, sensors and IoT), decide if action is needed and then respond in an appropriate manner. Deconstructing the question like this leads to 3 key elements for consideration. Firstly, organizations need […]

Operational Intelligence Platform

Making Business Operations More Intelligent

Gartner’s Roy Schulte and Michele Cantara published a great research article on “Practical Ways to Make Business Operations More Intelligent” that highlights how Operational Intelligence provides a mechanism to manage work in an event-driven world. (It does require a Gartner Research subscription). They explain that an intelligent business operation is different from a traditional operation […]