Tech Connect Joins Forces with XMPro to Deliver Intelligent Operations Solutions For Industry

Press Release: New Implementation Partner: Tech-Connect IT Solutions

Thursday 16th May 2024, Dallas, TX:

XMPro is excited to announce the addition of a new XMPro implementation partner, Tech-Connect IT Solutions. Tech-Connect, a leader in providing IT solutions and services, specializes in bridging the gap between complex technological needs and business strategies.

With a strong presence in Australia, Tech-Connect brings deep expertise in custom IT infrastructures that support robust data analytics and business intelligence. They are poised to assist new clients in successfully implementing XMPro as their Digital Twin composition platform.

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Pieter Van Schalkwyk

“We are thrilled to welcome Tech-Connect as an implementation partner. Their proven track record in enhancing business operations through advanced IT solutions makes them a valuable addition to our network. Their expertise will greatly benefit our clients, particularly those looking to leverage the XMPro platform for integrated IoT solutions.”

Pieter Van Schalkwyk, CEO – XMPRO


 ” Our partnership with XMPro is a strategic alignment that leverages Tech-Connect’s expertise in data science, AI model building, and tailored IT solutions with XMPro’s innovative suite of tools. Together, we are uniquely positioned to offer our clients an unprecedented capability to rapidly develop and scale intelligent business operation solutions. This collaboration not only enhances our ability to deliver highly customized IT and data solutions but also maximizes the potential of XMPro iBOS to create adaptive and efficient business processes. We are excited to combine our strengths and transform how businesses operate in increasingly complex environments.”

Andre Beauzec, CTO – TechConnect

Andre Beauzec
CTO - TechConnect

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