IoT Business Solutions Start with Big Data & Create Business Outcomes

While many IoT solutions focus on collecting, analyzing and visualizing machine data, the organizations using IoT technologies are mainly interested in business outcomes. Business outcomes are achieved by the capabilities that organizations use to create, sell and service products. Capabilities are usually described as a combination of people, processes, and technologies, with “The Things” certainly […]

Industrial IoT Application Development Platform

The Top 5 Reasons to Invest in an IIoT Development Platform

Working in Business Development for a provider of an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) development platform is the most interesting job I’ve had since working as a green young soldier in the 82nd Airborne Division nearly 30 years ago. In many ways I see companies jumping into IoT projects the same way I hurled myself out [...]

How AI Bots Bring Digital Twins to Life

Industry 3.0 was characterized by factory automation where manufacturing robots replaced humans to do repetitive, manual tasks at a much higher productivity rate, doing it safer, for longer shifts and more importantly with highly predictable production and quality outcomes. Industry 4.0 adoption is racing ahead faster than expected and brings with it the promise of [...]
7 Types IIoT Data Sources

7 Types of Industrial IoT Data Sources (And How To Use Them)

Where does industrial IoT data come from? Most people would say it comes from assets like pumps, turbine engines and drilling rigs. But there’s more to industrial IoT than machine data. Machine data doesn't tell a complete story in every case. By combining data from disparate sources you can create new insights. And give engineers [...]
IoT Platform vs Business App Suite

What is an IoT Platform vs. an IoT Business Application Suite?

With the number of connected IoT devices growing exponentially (common estimates are 20-50 billion by 2020, and 500 billion by 2030), one is reminded of the famous quote by Robert Metcalfe: In network theory, the value of a system grows as approximately the square of the number of users of the system. Clearly, connecting to [...]
Industrial IoT Adoption

How To Overcome The Top 5 Challenges To Industrial IoT Adoption

Free Download: Click here to get a PDF of this blog post for your next IoT strategy meeting. The key to successful industrial IoT adoption is to ensure you start with an IOC. According to the 2016 Current State of IIoT research study, 4 out of 5 manufacturing leaders say adopting IIoT technology is critical to their [...]
Get Started with Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT: How To Get Started with Predictive Maintenance

Free Download: Click here to get your spreadsheet to rank potential candidates for IoT-based predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance is one of the areas that benefit most from machine learning algorithms with predictive capability. Predictive maintenance has always focused on how to predict when certain conditions are going to occur and when machines will fail. With the advent [...]
Industrial IoT

How To Get Started With Industrial IoT

Is the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) a solution looking for a problem? There is currently a lot written about the 25-50 billion devices (depending who you talk to, but either way, it's a lot of smart sensors) that will make up IoT by 2020. Analysts predict that around 40% of that will be industrial [...]
Internet of Things Field Service

3 Ways The Internet of Things is Transforming Field Service

The mobile app economy made us become accustomed to being ‘always on’, having the right information when we need it and getting real-time notifications of events as they happen. We can’t imagine a world without our connected smartphone. The Internet of Things is changing Field Service in a similar way. Situational awareness through sensors and [...]