Incident & Hazard Management HR Process Increases Effectiveness by 25% with XMPro

May 2011 – A public sector customer implements an Incident and Hazard Management process as part of their ‘Safety First, Zero Harm’ business strategy. Within the first phase of rolling the XMPro solution out, they claim to have benefited in the effectiveness of their HR processes by 25%.

The customer further broadened their solution to realise the largest organisational impact in the shortest timeframe by addressing the process of Risk Management and Reporting across the organisation. Professional Advantage used an XMPro framework for setting goals and KPIs, assigning responsible owners, collecting performance metrics and vitally, and providing evidence. Users can now access a range of reports, spanning the CEO’s dashboard to the business portal where every employee can see the results. XMPro is now a key enabler for the ‘Safety First, Zero Harm’ business requirement.

Pieter van Schalkwyk, Managing Director of XMPro, comments, “Organisations are discovering the benefits of effective process management and are starting to realise it is more than just structured factory style workflows. We are delighted that this customer is enjoying the benefits of dynamic process management thinking and value the effort that Professional Advantage has provided to ensure the best results for the customer”.

Professional Advantage is passionate about seeing their customers improve their business performance through the application of leading-edge technology. Their 20 years’ experience has proved invaluable to over 1000 organisations making them an ideal Partner for XMPro.

XMPro Pty Ltd enables organisations to get better at getting work done. Their solution developed from a problem solving background in the area of enterprise integration and knowledge style processes, and has become crucial in addressing real-world process problems for customers across a broad range of industries. XMPro is the control that IT needs, the great user experience, and the positive business outcomes.