XMPro, A Solution Provider at the Gartner BPM Summit in Sydney

XMPro identified as a key BPM solution provider of unstructured processes at the Gartner Business Process Management Summit in Sydney 2011.

19th August – The Gartner BPM Summit in Sydney convened on the 8-9th August in the Sydney Convention Centre and included Gartner research presentations, guest keynote addresses, end user case studies, panel discussions and selected industry sessions to provide IT and business executives with a complete view of the BPM landscape. XMPro showcased their latest technology which supported key themes and predictions highlighted by the experts at the event sessions.

With a larger than expected turnout, the Summit proved a great success and presented the opportunity for IT and business executives to think strategically about their process improvements and what technologies are available to assist them. XMPro displayed valuable technology solutions supporting key themes highlighted by Janelle Hill, research vice president for BPM research. Continuing to support her claim that 80% of processes in an organisation are unstructured and require BPM technology to accommodate these processes, XMPro was able to demonstrate just how a BPM software provider can deliver on this. Pieter van Schalkwyk, MD of XMPro tweeted, “Great feedback for the event and the #xmpro dynamic processes gets thumbs up at our booth”.

Michele Cantara, research vice president and conference chair for the Gartner BPM Summit encouraged delegates to “invest in the skills and roles such as business process analysts, along with the tools and techniques that are needed to analyse and improve processes.” XMPro proved to be an essential solution provider that ticked all the boxes highlighted by the BPM experts. Pieter van Schalkwyk concludes, “We are delighted to see that our product and visions correspond with the Gartner philosophies and that we really are offering our customers the best BPM solution, especially when it comes to business improvement”.

About the Gartner Business Process Management Summit 2011:

The Gartner BPM Summit is designed to meet the needs of BPM practitioners and business and IT change leaders at every level of maturity, from those who are planning their first BPM initiative to those who are ready to stretch the boundaries of BPM programs already in place. During the Summit, Gartner analysts explore proven BPM best practices and the latest BPM technologies and deliver the actionable insights, information and problem-solving needed to create or expand a successful BPM program.

About XMPro:

 XMPro enables organisations to “Get better at getting work done” with their XMPro Business Process Management Suite. Their solution developed from a problem solving background in the area of enterprise integration and knowledge style processes, and has become crucial in addressing real-world process problems for customers across a broad range of industries. XMPro is the control that IT needs, the great user experience, and the positive business outcomes.