New XMPro Agent Integration: Cognite

Here at XMPro, we constantly add to our library of integrations for enterprise applications, data platforms, machine learning tools, and operational systems. These pre-built integrations allow our customers to efficiently extract meaning from various data sources by performing specific functions in their data streams. We like to call these integrations “agents”.

We are excited to announce that the Cognite Listener and Context Provider are the latest agents to join our catalog.

These agents will allow users to include data from a Cognite Data Fusion system into your stream.

Cognite has several core data models: Assets, Time series, Synthetic Time Series, Events, Files, Sequences, and Geospatial.

The Time Series Listener integrates with the Time series model, allowing you to return selected assets’ latest time series values.

The Context Provider integrates with the Assets and Events data models, allowing you to read and output the assets or events data to the Data Stream for contextual data.

For more information, please see our Documentation.