New iBPMS book released – Intelligent BPM Systems – Impact & Opportunity

A must read book for all BPM professionals has just been published.

“Intelligent BPM Systems – Impact & Opportunity”


 The need for Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) supported by intelligent processes is driving the need for a new convergence of process technologies lead by iBPMS.  The iBPMS changes the way processes help organisations keep up with business change,“ says Jim Sinur – Gartner Emeritus  – in his foreward to the book.  What makes this book a ‘must read’ is that thought leaders from around the world have contributed a chapter each to the book.  We are very pleased to be associated with the book as our CEO & Thought Leader of XMPRO Inc, Pieter van Schalkwyk, wrote the chapter “Decision Support for Intelligent BPM.