Listen to XMPro’s CEO on the SAP Coffee Break with Game Changers Radio Show

sapstartup-player-wideXMPro’s CEO, Pieter van Schalkwyk, recently joined experts from SAP Startup Focus and iTiZZimo on
the Coffee Break with Game Changers Radio Show presented by SAP. The discussion was centered around The Startup Mindset: IoT Scenarios Adding Enterprise Value.

Here are 3 key insights Pieter shared in the interview:

“To get real ROI from IoT, often you have to choose the things that you are not going to do and focus on those things that will give value to customers and give a return on investment.”

“One of the key outputs of using IoT is that you can invent new business models and find new ways of doing business.”

“IoT is not about sensors, it’s about actions. At the moment, discussions around IoT are technology centric. But what people often forget is that what you really want are the business actions that come out of IoT like creating work orders.”

Click here to listen to the episode