XMPro Assists Companies in Addressing Process Problems

2nd June 2011 – Sydney Australia: XMPro Pty Ltd successfully addresses a noticeable pain point for multiple organisations with their recent seminar and webinar series focussing on identifying and fixing daily operational process problems.

Hosted in Sydney Australia, XMPro’s expert team guided participants from various organisations and industries through a Process Problem Solving knowledge-based series aimed at equipping Operational Managers to overcome their daily process challenges. Pieter van Schalkwyk, Managing Director of XMPro explains, “With the trends we are seeing in our market, it is evident that companies still face great challenges in getting their daily operational processes to function optimally. Process Managers are discovering the benefits of effective process management and realising that it is the actual work that organisations do that makes daily operations crucial to sustaining business value.”

The Process Problem Solving series supports the topics addressed in the upcoming Sydney Australia Gartner Business Process Management Summit 2011 in August. With Gartner leading the way in dynamic process management thinking, XMPro are using the opportunity to introduce and educating Australian Process Managers to the advantages of a more dynamic process approach. These solutions will be showcased at the Gartner event in XMPro’s exhibition display, visit the XMPro website for more information.

The Process Problem Solving series provides ‘back to the basics’ strategic reminders around why organisations exist, what the desired outcomes of organisations are and how they intend to achieve the outcomes. Insight provided into KPIs and how processes deliver and impact KPIs are exposed, this then leads into the detailed section regarding process problem spotting from an operational and support point of view. Takeaways include a custom designed Process Priority Analyser which assists Process Managers in prioritising what process problems to address initially, and highlight the preceding process issues or opportunities according to their organisational impact. The purpose of the series is to enable Process Managers to visualise what their processes should look like and ultimately digitise and optimise these processes with the various tools available in the market.

The XMPro team has been actively involved in enterprise process management solutions for more than a decade. XMPro was established to build on this experience with a range of innovative process management solutions that have a strong focus on process performance measurement and improvement. XMPro is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in the USA, UK and South Africa. To find out more about the Process Problem Solving webinar series visit the XMPro website and follow the webinar links.