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Our iBOS software helps global companies dramatically improve operational performance, compliance, customer service and harness the collective knowledge of people to work smarter, not harder


XMPro iBPMS manage and improve business processes where you can't always draw the flow. We combine dynamic tasks, operational intelligence and social collaboration to achieve predictable revenue, cost, compliance and customer service goals.  See what Gartner says about the future of Intelligent Business Operations

The 6 key elements of iBOS -> 

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  • Case Management

    Manage unstructured knowledge work as dynamic process cases without pre-defined workflow paths.

  • Workflow

    Need workflow and business rules for governance requirements? Or hybrid processes?

  • Document Management

    Documents are a key part of processes. Integrate case files for each transaction with your DMS.

  • Predictive Analytics

    Improve decision-making by embedding Business Intelligence information in each process step.

  • Application Integration

    Connect and integrate other business systems on-premise or in the cloud with built-in platform.

  • Social Collaboration

    Capture social discussions about the process or transactions as part of the process audit trail.

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Intelligent Business Operations In Action


Next Best Actions, Process Goals & Inflight Analytics

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Structured, Unstructured & Adaptive Processes

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Process Intelligence For Individuals, Teams & Processes


 Process Mining For Process Improvement & Analysis

Organizations are making their business operations more intelligent by integrating analytics, social and mobile technologies into their processes and the applications that enable them. Gartner analysts call this approach “intelligent business operations” (IBO), and consider it the next stage in the evolution of business process management (BPM) programs. Read more from Gartner

XMPro iBOS is a single solution that gives complete control over both Structured and Unstructured processes with all the iBPMS features to support the vision for Intelligent Business Operations