Build IoT Solutions That Transform Your Business Processes

The IoT Application Platform That Delivers 10x Faster ROI on IoT Innovation

XMPro Industrial IoT Application
Integrate IT & OT

Seamlessly Integrate Your IT & OT Systems

Use our Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) capabilities to easily connect your heterogeneous technology environment
Real-Time Visibility

Get Real-Time Visibility Into Your Operations

Visualize and apply analytics to real-time data from multiple sources to improve your decision-making
Respond Quicker

Respond Quicker To Critical Events

Ensure the right actions are taken at the right time with our best-in-class business process management

Explore IoT Platform Capabilities

Deploy Process-Centric IoT Applications On-Premise, In the Cloud, At the Edge Or Use a Hybrid Approach

You can choose from flexible deployment options based on your unique requirements, whether you want the control of on-premise deployment, the scalability of the cloud or processing close to the edge. XMPro also supports a hybrid deployment model where some processing happens on-premise and other functions like calling a predictive model happen in the cloud.

We’ve Helped One Of The Largest Oil & Gas Companies Achieve

Improved Efficiency

18% Reduction

Field Service Trips

Reduced Time From

2.5 hrs → 8 min

Event Response Planning

Net Cost Savings

$8 million

In 6 Months