Build Smart Grid Digital Twins Without Coding

Your subject matter experts can build and deploy Azure Digital Twins in weeks with XMPro’s Proven No Code Application Development Platform

Send Data To Your Azure Digital Twins

Using XMPro’s drag-and-drop Data Stream Designer and pre-built library of 90+ connectors, you can send real-time and contextual data to your digital twins from a variety of systems.

Auto Create Digital Twins

Create Azure Digital Twin models automatically from within XMPro and auto-detect new assets based on your real-time data.

Update Time Series Insights

Simultaneously send real-time data to Azure Digital Twins and Time Series Insights to explore and analyze your historical IoT data.

Use Azure DT Data in Your Apps

Populate your XMPro apps with data from your Azure Digital Twins for real-time visibility into asset health.

Interested in creating a Wind Farm Remote Operations Center?

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