OpenSAP – Imagine IoT Course

XMPro Featured in openSAP Imagine IoT Course

Imagine IoT is a free course on openSAP, designed to help you get started with ideation and prototyping of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The course has attracted more than 19 000 registrations and includes guest speakers from Intel, Deloitte and XMPro.

Below are 2 introductory videos from XMPro that were used in the openSAP Imagine IoT course.

XMPro Event Streams Integrating with SAP

The use case is based on a renewable energy provider (solar) that monitors the Performance Ratio* (PR) for a portfolio of solar panel installations and sites. It combines energy output data (OSIsoft PI) with weather web services (sunny, overcast, rain, snow) and additional direct sensor readings on ancillary equipment (temperature, fog, etc.) to create a unique data stream that is consumed by a SAP Hana Predictive Analytics model. If the power output is lower than portfolio threshold, then the objective of the model is to predict the reason (failure mode) why a panel on an installation is not performing as expected (panel malfunctioning or panel dirty, needs cleaning).

If the panel is predicted to be dirty, the panel information is retrieved from SAP ERP to provide contextual information such as customer site, location, etc. Information is sent to SAP HANA for visualization while it is also broadcasted for action. It initiates a Work Order in SAP EAM and a Failure Mode Effect Analysis with a Non-Conformance Report in an XMPro workflow. OSIsoft PI AF is updated with the equipment information.

Example SAP & XMPro Workflow Integration Output