Gartner EA Summit 2015

Exploit Key Business Moments with XMPro by

Combining real time data streams and device (IoT or SCADA) data with existing business information to create new actionable insights

Leveraging Operational Intelligence and Predictive Analytics to proactively create work tasks

Providing collaboration and decision support to operations to make better decisions, faster

Sense > Decide > Act

Sense > Decide > Act Act Sense Decide

iBOS – Intelligent Business Operations Suite

XMPro iBOS provides a single, unified platform to “listen” for both planned and unplanned business events that result in planned and unplanned actions that XMPro iBOS, in turn, manage through structured workflow, dynamic BPM, or adaptive case management. It further turns unplanned into planned events with predictive analytics capabilities that help reduce unpredictable business outcomes.