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XMPro Excellence Brochure

XMPro MidMarket Brochure Resources

XMPro is the power of Intelligent Business Operations.

Discover our value proposition for your organization in our product brochure.

What Makes XMPro Unique

What Makes XMPro Unique Resources

With so many BPM products available, find out why you need to invest in XMPro.

Unpredictable Processes, What COOs Fear

Unpredictable processes What COOs Fear Resources

This presentation reveals COOs biggest blind spot and how to make sure they are covered.

iBO The Next Steps

iBOS The Next Steps Video Resources

Learn more about Intelligent Business Operations and how it can help you take better business actions.

Unpredictable Processes – What COO’s Fear

Unpredictable processes What COOs Fear Video Resources

Discover organizational blind spots and how you can prevent them.

XMPro iBPMS for SharePoint

XMPro iBPMS for SharePoint Resources

See how easily XMPro and SharePoint work together to achieve Intelligent Business Operations.

XMPro No Gobbledygook Event

XMPro No Gobbledygook Event Resources

Highlights from a recent partner and client event in the UK.

XMPro BPM Cool Vendor 2012

Cool Vendor Video image Resources

XMPro recently named a Gartner BPM Cool Vendor for 2012.

Who is XMPro for?

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Find out who XMPro has been designed for and who will benefit from it the most?

What Industries is XMPro best suited for?

What Industries Is XMPro best suited for Resources

In this video, Pieter van Schalkwyk (CEO of XMPro) explains which industries XMPro is best suited for.

Process Priority Analyser

xmpro ppa2 Resources

Develop a business case for process management in minutes.

iBOS Maturity Model

iBOS Maturity Model Resources

Asses your operational maturity in a matter of steps.

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XMPro Blog

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Read Our Blog

3 Myths of Social Work

WP 3MythsofSocialWork 11 Resources

Learn more about Social Networking at Work and the 3 myths or commonly misunderstood aspects of Social Work.

How To Connect Your Business To The Internet Of Things

iot1 Resources

Learn how your organization can gain a competitive advantage in the IoT/IoE economy.