XMPro iBOS (Intelligent Business Operations Server) is a next generation operations management platform that brings together all the components of effective business management in today’s technology enabled business operations.


Defining and developing an Enterprise Architecture is more challenging than ever as information is not confined to organizational silos (business units, departments, geographies) any more. Processes are unstructured, dynamic and social, but they still need to operate within an organizational governance framework.

Business performance and process outcomes are more and more reliant on correct decision-making, access to information and documentation that supports the decisions that people are making.

Current standalone business applications work in isolation. XMPro iBOS provides an enterprise business operations platform that integrates people and systems across all business areas and geographies (including cloud-based applications) through its unique dynamic and integrated “event-based” process management approach.

XMPro iBOS is configured and managed through XMPro iBPMS, the intelligent business process management suite for forward thinking organizations.

By incorporating more analytics and other technologies — such as complex-event processing, social media and mobile devices — into process orchestration, iBPMSs give process participants better real-time situational awareness and the ability to tailor their responses more appropriately to emerging business threats and opportunities. Gartner

XMPro iBOS provides a process management platform for:

Case Management

Case Management e1335589485647 XMPro iBOSProcesses are more based on business events and how we respond rather than predefined workflows. In fact, as much as 80% of work is unstructured.

XMPro iBOS Case management supports processes that are case-based or flow-based or even hybrids of the two.


Workflow e1335589406334 XMPro iBOSUnstructured does not mean uncontrolled. Governance requirements may impose a structured workflow as a process or part thereof.

XMPro iBOS can simultaneously handle case and workflow processes with an in-built Business Rules Engine.

Document Management

DocumentManagement e1335589260336 XMPro iBOSDocuments are an intrinsic part of operational processes and should be part of the “case file”, irrespective of your document management approach.

XMPro iBOS maintains a Case file for each transaction and supports Microsoft SharePoint as well as a broad range of DMS solutions.

BI and Predictive Analytics

Analytics e1335589213988 XMPro iBOSImprove end-user decision-making by embedding Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics  information in each process step.

Further enhance this with Predictive Analytics to support “Next Best Action” decisions and routing options.

Application Integration

Application Integration e1335589158908 XMPro iBOSA range of transactional business systems such as ERP, CRM, LIMS, HCM and bespoke solutions typically support operational processes.

XMPro iBOS provides a built-in integration platform that features integration connectors to many popular transactional systems.

Social Collaboration

Social e1335589092762 XMPro iBOSSocial collaboration is a key requirement for knowledge style processes.  Decisions are often made based on discussions and the insights from it.

XMPro iBOS captures social discussions as part of the process audit trail and provides valuable insight into the social dynamics of business operations.


XMPro iBOS is a complete and integrated “Intelligent Business Operations Server” that matches business operations strategy with business process technology.

How Will XMPro iBOS Fit Your Organization?

iBosMap XMPro iBOS
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