Start Managing Your Key Process KPI’s in Real-Time

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This is a no obligation free trial offered for a limited time to qualifying organizations.

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How It Works

Connect a few of your key business systems to the BAM server using our XMConnect integration module.
Monitor and set up thresholds for your chosen Key Process KPI’s and display them on a dashboard.
Add a task to someone’s to-do list when a threshold is exceeded using our Adaptive Case Management module.

20% of the Fortune 10 use XMPro’s iBOS Platform

How easy is it to connect to my data?

XMPro’s connectors for Oracle and MS SQL connect to most of your key data sources in a matter of minutes. We suggest that we use these data sources during the trial. Let’s discuss what KPIs would make the most sense during your trial.

Is the trial cloud-based or on premise?

XMPro BAM is available both in the cloud or on premise. After applying for your trial we’ll discuss your system architecture and decide what suits your requirements best.

What is the Time To Value?

You will see immediate results but we suggest that we evaluate the results with you over a thirty day period.

Will my data be secure?

Yes. If you use this on premise then no data leaves your environment. If you use our cloud service then we only send encrypted single data values with no context or meta data to our secure services.

Is the trial really no obligation?

Yes. Try it, we are confident that it will add value. If it doesn’t, we’ll remove it at no cost.