Visual Design Environment


Visually Design End-to-End IoT Applications

XMPro Visual Designer

Stream Designer

XMPro’s Stream Designer lets you visually design the data flow & orchestration of your IoT applications. Using our pre-built library of connectors, you can simply drag and drop them onto the canvas, configure their properties, map the data flow and run your IoT applications. All without needing to code.

Workflow Designer

The Workflow Designer is a graphical user interface you can use to model and design structured, unstructured as well as hybrid processes. The Designer enables users to create BPMN and other flow-based diagrams to model and design processes and work flows. Users can create custom mobile and web forms to digitize paper processes that integrate IoT and other business data with business rules in a visual, model-driven approach.

Dashboard Designer

The Dashboard Designer is a widget-based visual designer aimed at business users who want to create self-service dashboards.

It can display data from multiple sources on a single dashboard and have a number of different elements that range from maps, files, grids and charts that are linked together for contextual filtering and visualization.

Report Designer

The XMPro Report Designer is a WYSIWYG style interface and layout module that connects to XMPro and other data sources to generate reports. Reports that are created in the XMPro Report Designer can be scheduled for delivery to designated users based at specific time intervals.

Reporting templates can be customized to cater for the user’s specific requirements. This makes it easy for business users and engineers to create new reports without the support of IT.