We believe that education and mentoring are essential components in guaranteeing a successful XMPro project as well as to improve your existing business operations. Our courses are designed to provide our customers and partners with all the business and technical skills they require to become self-sufficient.

We have the following flexible training options available

On-site Training

This type of training normally forms part of a process implementation, but could also be provided on request by the customer or partner. Typical on-site training will include:

  • End user training for a specific process.
  • Technical product administration (e.g. to create XMPro users and groups, backup and recovery procedures etc).

Classroom – Certification Training

These Certification training courses are provided at the XMPro training Academy and include:

  • Certified XMPro Business Consultant (Business Analyst)
  • Certified XMPro Technical Consultant (Configuration Consultant)

Online Training

Online training is available via the XMPro website and includes:

  • Business Process Fundamentals.
  • Technical product administration.

Training on demand

The customer or partner specifies the training requirement and courses are tailored to your specific requirements. The training could be provided on-site, on-line or at the XMPro Academy.