XMPro for Operational Intelligence

Operational Intelligence (OI) uses Event Stream Processing (ESP) to analyze data first, rather than the traditional approach to store data and then do historical analysis to gather Business Intelligence (BI). The real value of OI is realized when the event data is combined with contextual business or meta data to create new information on business events that present opportunity and risk. Using an Operational Intelligence Platform enables you to:

Create real-time situational awareness
Identify key business events
Act with the right timely actions

Platform Capabilities

Visual Development Environment
Develop real-time Operational Intelligence applications with a model-driven, drag & drop approach that requires minimal programming.
Connector Library
Use drag & drop connectors from our extensible library to retrieve and aggregate data. Stream and poll data in real-time from sensors, web services and business applications like SAP ERP.
Event Processor
Listen for specific events or interrogate the streaming data through highly responsive queries. The Event Processor uses in-memory caches and incremental result computation. There is no costly data load or storage operations in the critical processing path and this allows for low latency and high throughput.
Rule Processing
Easily add rule parameters and thresholds using intuitive settings. Apply rules as transformations, either internally as an expression or externally through 3rd party rule engines.
Predictive Analytics
Embed predictive analytics and machine learning directly in the event processing streams to get real-time predictions with low latency.
Best-In-Class Workflow Management
Use dynamic forms and ad hoc tasks to ensure work gets done on-time. You can also handle unique situations on a case-by-case basis without being confined to a predetermined process.
Real-Time Dashboards
Create real-time dashboards for every event stream with charts, graphs, tables, dials and more for real-time situational awareness.
Notifications & Alerts
Automatically send in-app, email and sms notifications to alert key stakeholders of a critical event and drive them to respond.
Automated Actions
Trigger automated actions in XMPro, like initiating a non-conformance report or create a work order in a third-party system like SAP EAM.
Make it easy for your field teams to work from anywhere. Use XMPro’s mobile apps for location-based authentication and upload images, video and audio files.