Integrate Your IT & OT Systems To Support Better Decision-Making

XMPro’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) capabilities make it easy to connect disparate systems in a simple, secure and robust way

XMPro Integration

If you’re like most industrial companies, you already have the data you need to make better decisions. It’s just stuck in a system that’s hard to access when you need it. XMPro can help you seamlessly integrate your existing IT and OT systems, so the right person has access to the right data at the right time.

Use Our Growing Library of Pre-Built Connectors

XMPro’s IoT Application Platform comes with a standard library of 90+ connectors for a broad range of popular enterprise and industrial technologies. These connectors are built on the pluggable XMPro Connector Framework.

Build Your Own Connectors Using Our Framework

New connectors can be built by a .NET developer using our Visual Studio Framework. This flexible connector framework makes it easy to create interoperability between systems and to build additional security features into your integrations. Once a new connector is published, it becomes available as one of the drag and drop objects in your visual designer.

Depending on your preference, they can be created by your own IT team, a third-party systems integrator or by XMPro.

Empower Subject Matter Experts To Solve Business Problems

We’ve set out to empower business users and subject matter experts (like engineers) with the integration tools they need to create IoT applications that solve real business problems.

This means you don’t need to be a programmer or SQL expert to use XMPro connectors. Just drag and drop them onto your canvas and configure your data flow. You can then visually configure the properties to set up your integrations without having to code.

XMPro Connector Types


Consume or ingest data as it arrives from a third-party system or sensor, making it available for further evaluation or processing.

Context Providers

Add additional information to a specific data event from a 3rd party system, database or service. This is generally static or slow changing data.


Change the shape and form of data in flight by performing transformations like joining, splitting and filtering.

Action Agents

Perform context-aware actions in 3rd party systems, like sending e-mail alerts or creating work orders in SAP.


Perform mathematical and statistical operations like Fast Fourier Transformations on the data being ingested.

BPM Connectors

Built for XMPro’s BPM tools, these connectors make it easy to bring data from other sources into your business processes.