Business Process Management


Trigger Business Processes From IoT Data

Use XMPro’s award-winning Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPMS) capabilities to act on your real-time data

Digitize Your Paper-Based Processes

Structured, Unstructured & Hybrid Workflows

Whether you know the steps of a process in advance or you want the flexibility to discover the next steps based on your data, XMPro gives you the tools to initiate custom workflows when critical events happen.

Design Custom Forms

Easily create complex forms with multiple tabs and beautiful layouts using our visual design environment.

Create Ad Hoc Tasks

Need to create a task that wasn’t predefined in the workflow? XMPro’s flexible solution gives you the ability to create ad hoc tasks, dynamically assign them to users and specify due dates.

Bring Data From Other Systems Into Your Business Processes

Use our library of pre-built connectors to bring data from systems like your CRM or ERP into your business processes without coding. Choose from our range of pre-built BPM connectors for popular enterprise technologies or build your own connectors on the pluggable XMPro Connector Framework.

Provide Comprehensive Decision Support

Display machine learning predictions, real-time dashboards and detailed asset information in the context of a process. You can also provide built-in guidance on the best action to take next based on custom criteria.

Machine learning business process

Machine Learning Predictions

XMPro Dashboard

Real-Time Dashboards

Drill-down Analysis

More Reasons To Love XMPro


Drag & Drop Designer

Empower business users to visually design processes without coding


XMPro’s social-style messaging makes collaboration part of the visible audit trail of a transaction or process

Content Management

Upload, store and search documents, images, audio and video files related to your processes

Business Rules

Make process routing decisions based on predefined business rules


Set up custom SMS, email or chatbot notifications on a process-by-process basis


Automatically escalate a task to a designated person if it hasn’t been attended to after multiple notifications

Mobile UI

XMPro allows you to work from your mobile device without any additional setup or development.

Role-based Access & Security

Configure which users can access and change information based on specific roles

Business Activity Monitoring

Monitor key business process KPIs in real-time to identify bottlenecks and ensure compliance with SLAs