Social Listening – Get Control Of The Conversation

Gartner’s Jim Sinur posted an interesting blog post titled “The Big Oops: Forget About Social Networking” where he describes 3 scenarios where the feedback from the collective was ignored and caused severe customer backlash, loss of brand credibility and a negative financial impact. We recently saw the world-wide grounding of the whole Qantas fleet as […]


Operations Management – The Keys To KPIs

The APQC PCF (Process Classification Framework) gives a bird’s eye view on the anatomy of work activities that keep the organisational gears churning. Even the industry-specific PCF models like banking, education and pharmaceutical are all based on the same primary operational processes and secondary support processes as the main PCF model. The Operational processes span across the […]

Stretch Socially Dynamic Processes To Fit Your Business

I just read Gartner’s Jim Sinur’s blog post and he has started writing more and more on the social aspect of business process management. Jim has always been one of the analysts that gets the heartbeat of these things right. We’ve been talking about Social BPM for a while (not sure if it is Facebusiness or Processbook) […]


How to Prioritise Processes

There are a number of approaches based on the culture and maturity of the organisation and we are currently working on a “Diamond Approach To BPM Projects”. It classifies BPM projects according to four dimensions: novelty, technology, complexity and pace. I’ll post more on this in the next few weeks. But we still want something […]

Benefits of BPM v 1.0

BPM Benefits v 2.0 will be addressed in a follow up post and revolves around the additional benefits gained from a dynamic BPM approach and the value of getting better at getting work done. For now we will list the benefits from a basic BPM implementation or project.   The traditional benefits of BPM (v […]

Mobile BPM

Mobile BPM introduces a new set of design, use and security considerations and XMPro will publish some design guidelines in the course of the next few weeks to address how deploy Mobile BPM while taking the following into consideration: > Smaller screen sizes of mobile devices; > Users that work discontinuously; > Security of data […]

Preserving Capability and Agility

he responsibility of IT managers to provide solutions that will preserve capability with fewer employees serving the same number of customers as well as remain flexible in changing market conditions requires those managers to consider the processes that drive their businesses. Business Process and Performance Management (BPPM) links the operational enterprise workflow capabilities of products […]


The Business Drivers

There are 6 business value drivers identified by Jack Alexander in his book Performance Dashboards and Analysis for Value Creation that are under management’s control to influence: 1. Sales Growth 2. Relative Pricing Strength 3. Operating Effectiveness 4. Capital Management 5. Cost of Capital 6. Intangibles, Credibility, Future Expectations These business value drivers can be influenced through […]