Event Processing Platform

Every day your business is exposed to more and more internal and external events that need to be responded to. These business events can come from:

  • the actions of people in your business;
  • the actions of your competitors, customers, or suppliers;
  • the Operational and Business Intelligence that you gather from your business applications, data sources and web services; and
  • more recently, the influx of information from the Internet of Things (IoT) with sensor-based or smart device machine-born data.

Today, when these events occur, depending on the scope and potential impact of them, someone needs to assess the potential impact of the event and then decide what needs to be done.

XMPro’s Event Processing Platform combines our Active Listening technology with the ability to take immediate and appropriate actions as interventions to opportunities risks and threats.

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Workflow & Process Management

The XMPro platform provides a unified solution for handling structured workflow, dynamic processes and hybrid processes all in one application.

Easily create rigid flows with no exceptions or set up a hybrid process by combining structured and dynamic processes into one.

We understand the importance of human contribution to the successful outcome of a business process. Our dynamic processes give knowledge workers the ability to determine the flow or the next step in the process, while our decision support provides them with insight to make better decisions, faster.

XMPro’s intuitive design environment gives business users the ability to configure 80% – 90% of a process through a drag & drop interface.

Adaptive Case Management

Manage work on a case-by-case basis with the full functionality of XMPro work tasks, which include social collaboration and discussions, embedded analytics, Best Next Actions and ad-hoc tasks.

XMPro’s Adaptive Case Management features include:

  • Case Templates
  • Timeline View
  • Gantt View
  • Case Files
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Enterprise App Composition

Empower your business users & Citizen Developers to compose Intelligent Enterprise Apps that exploit Business Moments in real time by:

  • Creating and connecting intelligent forms, business rules, data sources, streaming data and processes or workflows in a model-driven composition environment
  • Re-using and connecting to existing underlying application infrastructure as virtual entities with drag and drop connectors for most business applications
  • Creating Operational Intelligence and decision support systems with predictive and prescriptive analytics processing
  • Providing these business or organisational capabilities while observing IT controls for security, access, integration and change controls

XMPro iBOS provides an Enterprise App Composition environment that is easily configured with drag & drop actions, wizards and templates. It is extensible, integrates with other business systems, data sources and even smart devices and sensors to “listen” for key Business Moments that need a real-time response.

XMPro iBOS Enterprise Apps leverage existing assets into new combinations of value that improves Operational Excellence, reduces costs and improves governance and visibility.

Operational Intelligence Platform

Operational Intelligence Platform

Your business is exposed to more and more internal and external events every day that need to be responded to. These events or business moments can either present an opportunity or a threat and create a unique competitive advantage for those digital enterprises that create and leverage this Operational Intelligence. XMPro’s Operational Intelligence enables digital enterprises to make faster, more-precise and more consistent fact-based decisions.

XMPro’s iBOS Operational Intelligence applications combines (near) real-time data from applications, systems and smart devices (IoT) with existing business information to create new actionable insights. It provides the analytics, decision support and appropriate tasks and actions to exploit business moments as they happen.

XMPro’s iBOS Operational Intelligence platform is a single, unified and integrated solution that Sense > Decide > Act on event-based opportunities and threats.

Internet of Things

XMPro gives you the ability to harness the opportunities created by the Internet of Things by connecting your sensors and devices to event-based business processes.

Click the button below to watch a demo video of XMPro’s Internet of Things capabilities in action.

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Mobile Enablement

XMPro allows field-service users to work from their mobile device without any additional setup or development. Field-service users can add photos, documents, audio and video to inspection or assessment forms from their mobile device.

XMPro can also use location-based GPS information from mobile devices to get visual confirmation on Google or Bing Maps of where an image was taken or work was completed.

Our application for iPhone and iPad extends XMPro’s Intelligent Business Operations Suite to mobile business users that need to manage their work and business processes anywhere, anytime. Both our ‘XMPro’ and ‘XMPro Sense’ applications can be downloaded from the App Store. Our iOS applications also have built-in support for iBeacon, and will detect when a designated iBeacon is in range and enable the appropriate process or workflow assigned to it.

XMPro365 is a security-rich, self-service and comprehensive event-based business process management platform (BPM). This intelligent BPM is available either as an on-premises or cloud offering, with the cloud solution offering a secure, scalable and dependable way for you to achieve faster process design, modelling and execution.

  • Lower IT costs
  • Infinite Scalability
  • Unlimited Process Applications
  • Done-For-You Monitoring & Backups
  • Automatically works on mobile