Alarm Management


Flexible Alarm Management From Email To Chatbots

XMPro provides configurable alarm management for email, SMS, advanced event response workflows with escalations and even chatbots

XMPro Alarm Management
Create well-formatted notifications in our intuitive alarm management interface
Include contextual data in your alerts to give decision makers insight into the situation
Set alarms against real-time data with business rules that identify exceptions, trends or other requirements

Bring Your Assets To Life With Chatbots

How about letting a machine talk to you, explain its operational conditions, challenges and tell you when it is not feeling well and what the symptoms are?

XMPro makes it easy to set up context-aware chatbots that initiate conversations in platforms like Skype and Slack when critical events happen.

Skype Bot IoT XMPro
IoT Alarm Management

Go Beyond Alarms To Creating Actions

In certain cases, you want to do more than send a notification. XMPro’s alarm management tools can also trigger corrective actions like Root Cause Analysis processes and escalations to ensure a critical situation gets resolved on time.

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